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Karl Benitez is...

a Seattle-based artist busy at work, producing creative content, and desperately trying to tell a decent story, be it his or yours.

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Thank you for visiting my website!  Here you will find a smorgasbord of past things I have produced - found under PORTFOLIO - as well as irons I currently have in the fire i.e. live musical performances listed on the LIVE SHOWS page.  Come support live music!!  If you would like to work with me on a project, check out what I can do for you by browsing the SERVICES page.  Thanks again for the pop in,


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About Me

I grew up in Edmonds, WA and began my musical journey by picking up the trumpet in 5th grade.  Trumpet led to trombone, which led to euphonium (look it up!), which led to drum major of the marching band, which led to audio engineering for school concerts and theater performances.  I earned anAssociate of Applied Arts (AAA) degree from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2005, and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the University of Washington in 2013.  I like to work with creative people and make art things.

Photo credits

"At the Controls" photo by Girum Wolde

"Discovery Park" photo by Matt Grossman

"Everson Pines LIVE at Columbia City Theater" photo by Brent Morgan

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New music and old skool video editing here with this latest Mean Bean track: "Blues for Nordus."  I did some enjoyable messing around with overlaying grain effects in an attempt to come up with something adjacent to a bit of gritty Neil Young or Gordon Lightfoot concert footage.  Not sure if "gritty" and "Gordon Lightfoot" have ever been uttered in the same written sentence before, but there's a first time for everything.


Live Feed!  I did my first Facebook Live yesterday whilst replacing a tone bar and tuning a new tine on my Fender Rhodes.  Stay tuned here and on Facebook (Karl Benitez, Everson Pines, Mean Beans, Anxiety Club) for more video live streams


I had the pleasure of working with South African musician Amanda Lamprecht on profile footage for an interview she has with South African television.  She's actually, physically there RIGHT NOW!  This was a multi-day, multi-location project which makes it fun and interesting and we got some good footage representing an eclectic swath of a day in the life of this talented musical polyglot.  Here's a small chunk of what we did: Amanda talking with Producer/Engineer Don Farwell about the cool "Twin Peaks" lobby of his studio.

Recorded in Seattle, WA at Earwig Studios


New video production for Washington coffee stalwarts Fidalgo Coffee Roasters.  These guys are cool.  They wanted an introduction video for their new production of canned nitro coffee so we came up with a simple but eye-catching presentation.  I produced a funky, old-school music bed and none other than Darryl Miller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fidalgo, popped in to the studio to lay down a hot bass track.  Check it out with your eyes and ears: